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© Zé de Paiva

Solo performance, OITO SOLOS + 1
Premiére 30th of January 2015, Hoftheater Kreuzberg, Berlin
Dance & Choreography: Ricardo de Paula
Light design: Irene Selka
Video: Walter Bickmann
Supported by: Tanzstipendium 2011 der Kulturverwaltung des Berliner Senats



UNTITLED is a solo performance for de Paula exploring the now global cry that “Black Lives Matter” in a world where every day hundreds of Black people are senselessly killed by the Police or by a white supremacist/Neo-Nazi. Though the “Black Lives Matter Movement” was started in the United States after the murder of Trayvon Martin, it has now become a global movement against targeted Police brutality against and the oppression of Black people. The performance reveals de Paula’s struggle to reconcile why Black Lives DON’T Matter as much as white lives in Brazil, The USA, Israel, Australia, The UK, France, Germany...anywhere.

It’s about persons, lives that matter. It’s an invitation to know what’s going on? When in a difficult moment of clarity and lucidity, I realize that took part of me and I have to do something because there are moves that can not go on like this, as a performer I've been feeling a lot of pain, things and processes that seem to remain the thereof; Death, killing, murdered. Malcolm X, assassinated, Martin Luther King, assassinated, Fred Hampton, assassinated …

In UNTITLED, de Paula explores is the idea of V.I.P. as a both Very Important Person and Very Important Price that was paid to buy a piece of Black liberation from institutional and social racism and oppression. The VIPs that spoke to and through de Paula in this work and in all of his oeuvres are Amilcar Cabral, Abdias Nascimento, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Frantz Fanon,Thomas Sankara, Milton Santos, Fred Hampton, Zumbi. Picking up the solidarity cry of “Je suis Charly” de Paula transforms it into “Je Suis... I AM Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Amarildo de Souza, Luiz Rodriguez, Milton Hall, Thiago Vieira da Silva, José de Souza, Pedro Domiense de Oliveira, Jorge Aprigio de Paula, Alceri Maria Gomes, Patrick Ferreira de Queiroz, John Crawford, Lucas Lima.

Dè já vu...I’ve seen this before. THIS being senseless killings of innocent people to keep the status quo in place. Gone too soon: Jonathan de Oliveira Lima, Rafael da Silva Pereira, George Jackson, Willie Francis, George Junius Stinney Jr., Troy Davis, Francis Newton, Jonathan Cuevas, Rodney King, John T. Williams, Harriet Tubman, Claudia Silvia Ferreira, Rumain Brisbon, Ruby Bridges, Diawara Abdou Dramé, Diariatou Saounéra, Toni Martin, Ezell Ford, Edmund Perry …” UNTITLED was conceived in collaboration with Grada Kilomba



January 2015 Hoftheater Kreuzberg, Berlin
September 2015 Hoftheater Kreuzberg, Berlin