Premiere 7. December 2017, Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Berlin

Laura Alonso,Caroline Alves, Martina Garbelli, Nasheeka Nedsreal, 
Zé de Paiva, Ricardo de Paula, Natalie Riedelsheimer, Miro Wallner

Production: Ballhaus Naunynstrasse


When we started the piece, contact meant: what are we now, how are we together. Always touching, dancing, lifting one another.

An unrestricted contact sounded like what we could wish for, but did we really know what it meant? Contact is not an embrace, but rather one of those words whose vagueness can be either a threat or a promise.

Philosopher and psychoanalyst Frantz Fanon repeatedly talk about "contact" in his essay Black Skin, White Masks, stressing how Black people's experience and view of themselves are shaped by their contact with a white-dominated society. In our process, we delved into Black perspective, be they from authors, members of the company and team, confronted our own divides and prejudices.

The acceptance of walking in, and not looking away from, both a repeated history of injustice - the complicity of some of us in it through the societies we take part in - and the complexity of individuals' experiences, strengths and creative ability, bound up with this, with the possibility of this contact and what comes from it.

What we went through emotionally as a group was a group was intense and the piece has become the story of our process. The story of a dance company, starting to discuss race issues and seeing the possibility of its division, under the eye of a history that tells us apart and reminds itself to us in a need for ritual and gestures of healing, of which dance is maybe a part.