Choreography  / Installation / Game
Premiére 2007 Academia Jangada, Berlin, Germany
Concept & Choreography: Ricardo de Paula
Performers: Hannah Buckley, Veronica Garzon, Eva Ibanez, Johanna Mantel, Lars Mylius, Susanne Oesterreicher, Melanie Pruvost and Bori Szente
Video Installations: IN (2006) 
Choreography and dance: Ricardo de Paula
Video: Lars Mylius / Ricardo de Paula 

I.D. (2007) 
Choreography: Ricardo de Paula
Dance: Susanne Oesterreicher
Video: Lars Mylius / Sebastian Lechner 

Identity (2007) 
Grupo Oito
Video: Ricardo de Paula



“At the very moment when the artist digests the object, he is digested by society which has already found him a title and a bureaucratic function, he will be the future engineer of leisure, an activity that has no effect whatsoever on the equilibrium of social structures.” 
Lygia Clark, 1969

What is my place in society? How do I define my identity?

Fashion, advertisement and mass media influence the way we perceive our body. The image of the body is everywhere and clothes play an important role in the portrayal of identity. When we wear them we are safe, without clothes, naked. When hung on a washing line, clothes reveal our privacy. The object therefore defines the body. By obliterating the line between the object and body we explore our identity.


2007 Academia Jangada, Berlin, Germany
2010 as Workshop in Lille, France